quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Só pra mim

Now, I'm gonna write something in English. This text is more for me than someone else, so, let's go.
I should not be a goddamn fool, believe me! I should not be like this. I really should love me, no matter how, just love myself. Things have been happened in my life and the son of a bitch called "me" reacted like a dumb and now I'm suffering like a fucking slave caged in a fucking panic room. 
Everyone told me: "Listen, you have to love yourself and care about you! This is the way to be happy". And guess what, my friend! I didn't listen and I loved and cared about everybody but me. Second chance to guess, fella! If you said that I'm regretful and sad now, you hit it!
Right, right. I have learnt on the hard way for a very long time. I think I understood the point this time. I promise you that I'll love and care about me, alright? Great! Let's live and play with the fate.

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