sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011


Everyone's dating now. People I know and people who I can't imagine their existence. I just know that every person in this life have a place to rest their hearts and someone who can take care of them. In the end of the day there will be happiness for them, there will be love. Because of this or a supernatural reason, I'm all alone. No one is free to go out with me, not even the people who went out with me my whole life. I can see everything from a distant perspective - everything far away from me... running fast.
I have someone to think about and that's what I do, I just think of you. When I wake up, when I go to work, when I have lunch, when I'm working like a slave (with that annoying people), when I look to the clock to count the minutes before I go back home, when something makes me search for your phone number in my cell phone and tell me to call you, when I'm going back home and put some songs to listen (only the songs that remind me of you), when I look through the windows of the bus and the only thing I see is happy couples everywhere, when I come home and have nothing to do I can only imagine us together. I know is not easy for you, maybe I'm not a good person to date. In my mind is so simple: we go out to talk and end the day like a happy couple again. I'm a goddamn fool for write this and think what I think. Just want every fucking second by your side again, just want you like before. I'm sorry.

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